Our Vision

To mitigate the hardship of
 community  by undertaking integrated  development activities.

Our Partners


Women Empowerment

Development of the society depends on development of the women. Hence Aadhar took the initiative to empower the women in its project location through various programmes like SHG formation, Capacity building and awareness etc.

   517 women have been trained in SHG formation
   55 women were benefitted through Microfinance Research Project.

Title of the Project

Year of start and completion

Name of sponsoring Organization

Income generation Project for Women

1994 - 1996


NORAD through SWRC, Tilonia

Capacity building of SHG members

2004 - 2005


IIHMR, Jaipur

Womenís Empowerment through Microfinance

This project was implemented from June 2009 as a  Research project for 6 months

Organizationís own Contribution

Support to Rural Women through Formation and Linkage of SHGs

       2009 - 2012


NABARD, Jaipur





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