Our Vision

To mitigate the hardship of
 community  by undertaking integrated  development activities.

Our Partners




Aadhar has worked on many water projects since its inception like Water mapping survey, Handpump Mistry Training, Handpump Installation, Water Tank construction, Pond revitalization etc. as per the needs of the community.

    Revitalized 100 hand pumps, 67 tube wells and 143 village wells through Watershed programme in 2013-2014.
    Constructed 39 rooftop water storage tanks.
    Installed 54 hand pumps
    123 young boys were trained as "Handpump Mistrys" who later were employed by Rajasthan Govt.

Title of the Project

Year of start and completion

Name of sponsoring Organization

Village unemployed Youth Training under TRYSEM scheme

(Hand Pump Repairing )

1988 - 1994


Government of Rajasthan

Water Awareness Camp

1991 - 1993


CAPART (Govt. Of India)

Rainwater Harvesting Project

1995 - 1996


SWRC, Tilonia

UNDP Programme for Rain Water harvesting

2000 - 2001


SWRC, Tilonia

Watershed Programme



Coca Cola India Foundation, USA


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