Our Vision

To mitigate the hardship of
 community  by undertaking integrated  development activities.

Our Partners



Aadhar also took various other programmes which were of great concern in its working area. Various programmes were undertaken like Solar panel training and installation, environment awareness, Mosquito net manufacturing etc.

   1302 households prevented Malaria, Dengue etc. through use of Mosquito nets supplied by Aadhar.
    845 students of 5 village Govt. Schools were taught the need to save our environment through campaigns.

Title of the Project

Year of start and completion

Name of sponsoring Organization

National Environment Awareness Campaign

2009 2010

Ministry of Environment and Forests, through CUTS, Jaipur

Solar Energy Programme

1992 - 1994


SWRC, Tilonia

NAWDA Survey Documentation

1993 - 1994


SWRC, Tilonia

Environment Awareness Camps

1996 - 1997


Ministry of Environment & Forests through SEWA Mandir, Udaipur

Training/manufacturing of mosquito nets



Barefoot College, Tilonia



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