Our Vision

To mitigate the hardship of
 community  by undertaking integrated  development activities.

Our Partners



In education sector, Aadhar initially helped develop teachers through Govt. support and later on established various Non-Formal education programmes for children like Night schools, Balwadis etc.


   38 students from "Night Schools" went for formal school education.
   82 schools were operated.
   27 "Night Schools" were operated.
   5 Balwadi centres were operated with 148 kids.
   40 "Shiksha Karmis" were trained who further were employed in Govt. schools.

Title of the Project

Year of start and completion

Name of sponsoring Organization

Shiksha Karmi Programme

1990 - 2003


Government of Rajasthan

Innovative Education Programme for Dropouts

1994 - 1999


MHRD, Government of India

Lok Jumbish Programme on Education

1996 - 2002


Government of Rajasthan

Night Schools and Balwadi

Innovative Education, Maternal & Child Health programme

1997 - 2007


Plan International, UK

Early Child care & Primary education

2006 - 2007


SWRC, Tilonia



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