Our Vision

To mitigate the hardship of
 community  by undertaking integrated  development activities.

Our Partners




The misery of rural community of Chaksu block on the aftermath of 1981’s devastating flood changed the mind set of Aadhar’s Founder Director, a geologist by profession, to work in rural area for the cause of common people. He served rural communities working with Social work & Research centre (also known as “Barefoot College”), Tilonia for almost 7 years before the establishment of Aadhar in 1991.


Aadhar initiated its work in villages of Chaksu block of Jaipur District with the objective to locate and provide safe drinking water to the people. This was the priority issue of the area. Later on, interaction with the community compelled the organisation to address some other problems, which affected their lives like poor economic, education and health conditions. Interaction with the community made Aadhar realize the need for an integrated approach with not merely addressing on drinking water but also on issues related to education, health and economic upliftment.

Core Areas of Work

Reproductive and Child Health
    Adolescent Life Skill Education and Reproductive Health Education
    Pre Primary Education - Balwadi ( 0-5 Years)
    Primary Education (6-14 Years)
    Water Conservation
    Women empowerment
    Capacity building through Orientations, Trainings and Workshops
    Advocacy & Linkage 
    Gender based Issues.

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